Skydive client, API & WebUI


Skydive client can be used to interact with Skydive Analyzer and Agents. Running it without any command will return all the commands available.

$ skydive client

  skydive client [command]

Available Commands:
  alert       Manage alerts
  capture     Manage captures

  -h, --help[=false]: help for client
      --password="": password auth parameter
      --username="": username auth parameter

Specifying the subcommand will give the usage of the subcommand.

$ skydive client capture

If an authentication mechanism is defined in the configuration file the username and password parameter have to be used for each command. Environment variables SKYDIVE_USERNAME and SKYDIVE_PASSWORD can be used as default value for the username/password command line parameters.


To access to the WebUI of agents or analyzer:


Topology requests

Skydive uses the Gremlin traversal language as a topology request language. Requests on the topology can be done as following :

$ skydive client topology query --gremlin "G.V().Has('Name', 'br-int', 'Type' ,'ovsbridge')"
    "Host": "pc48.home",
    "ID": "1e4fc503-312c-4e4f-4bf5-26263ce82e0b",
    "Metadata": {
      "Name": "br-int",
      "Type": "ovsbridge",
      "UUID": "c80cf5a7-998b-49ca-b2b2-7a1d050facc8"

Refer to the Gremlin section for further explanations about the syntax and the functions available.

Flow captures

Flow captures can be started from the WebUI or thanks to the Skydive client. Skydive leverages the Gremlin language in order to select nodes on which a capture will be started. The gremlin expression is continuously evaluated which means that it is possible to define a capture on nodes that don’t exist yet. It useful when you want to start a capture on all OpenvSwitch whatever the number of Skydive agents you will start.

The following command start a capture on all docker0 interfaces

$ skydive client capture create --gremlin "G.V().Has('Name', 'docker0')"

  "UUID": "76de5697-106a-4f50-7455-47c2fa7a964f",
  "GremlinQuery": "G.V().Has('Name', 'docker0')"

While starting the capture, you can specify the capture name, capture description and capture type optionally. In order to know the list of supported capture types, see the usage doc of flow capture.

Node types that support captures are :

  • ovsbridge
  • veth
  • device
  • internal
  • tun
  • bridge

To delete a capture :

$ skydive client capture delete <capture UUID>

The Flows Gremlin step can be used in order to see the flows captured. See the Gremlin section for further explanations.

skydive client topology query --gremlin "G.V().Has('Name', 'docker0').Flows()"