Skydive client, API & WebUI


Skydive client can be used to interact with Skydive Analyzer and Agents. Running it without any command will return all the commands available.

$ skydive client

  skydive client [command]

Available Commands:
  alert       Manage alerts
  capture     Manage captures

  -h, --help[=false]: help for client
      --password="": password auth parameter
      --username="": username auth parameter

Specifying the subcommand will give the usage of the subcommand.

$ skydive client capture

If an authentication mechanism is defined in the configuration file the username and password parameter have to be used for each command. Environment variables SKYDIVE_USERNAME and SKYDIVE_PASSWORD can be used as default value for the username/password command line parameters.


To access to the WebUI of agents or analyzer:


Topology requests

Skydive uses the Gremlin traversal language as a topology request language. Requests on the topology can be done as following :

$ skydive client query "G.V().Has('Name', 'br-int', 'Type' ,'ovsbridge')"
    "Host": "pc48.home",
    "ID": "1e4fc503-312c-4e4f-4bf5-26263ce82e0b",
    "Metadata": {
      "Name": "br-int",
      "Type": "ovsbridge",
      "UUID": "c80cf5a7-998b-49ca-b2b2-7a1d050facc8"

Refer to the Gremlin section for further explanations about the syntax and the functions available.

Flow captures

Captures are described in this section The following command starts a capture on all docker0 interfaces:

$ skydive client capture create --gremlin "G.V().Has('Name', 'docker0')"

  "UUID": "76de5697-106a-4f50-7455-47c2fa7a964f",
  "GremlinQuery": "G.V().Has('Name', 'docker0')"

To delete a capture :

$ skydive client capture delete <capture UUID>

The Flows Gremlin step can be used in order to see the flows captured. See the Gremlin section for further explanations.

skydive client query "G.V().Has('Name', 'docker0').Flows()"